Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 48_medium


    Monitaur is instant server monitoring. Set it up in under 60 seconds. (Seriously, it's really easy.) All data is collected and displayed in REAL TIME. 2 minute video: http://vimeo.com/15942499 *** NOTE *** You can show/hide the black box by hi...

    Created by visnup, gerad, huned

  • 49_medium


    Feeling like you've missed something when you were offline? Tired of reading the whole text before you follow the link because of that clueless bit.ly goo.gl tl.gd blabla link-useful-but-crappy shorteners? Do you scream for help to filter all the...

    Created by victorcoder, oriolconesa, xavib

  • 51_medium


    Clients and customers love feedback. And even with all the tools we use to keep in touch with them like Basecamp or Agilezen, they still email us to ask, "What's the status of those projects again?" In moments like that, they don't need the nitty gr...

    Created by jonathanpenn, joefiorini, joshwalsh,

  • 52_medium

    Endless Poem

    Poem creation is fun. Anonymous collaborative poem creation is much more fun. And this is exactly what this service does. No registration is needed to participate: everybody is welcomed to create poem lines and suggest new variants (thus starting ne...

    Created by alexandrz, arsenische, ,

  • 17_medium


    Twitabrew is a tool to help you remember your favorite brews. When you're out on the town, and you come across a tasty brew, tweet something like New Castle Brown Ale 4* #twitabrew from your Twitter-enabled phone. About every 5 minutes, we're gon...

    Created by shayfrendt, moklett, BJClark, ljames

  • 27_medium


    Pockets is visual voicemail for Twitter.

    Created by dancroak, fredyates, jayroh, r00k

  • 25_medium


    Tweet yourself a website! Make a tiny website easily with a couple of public timeline tweets using hashtags.

    Created by yaroslav, shurikp, at

  • 29_medium


    1) Ask your question 2) It's tweeted to experts 3) You get the answer all - real-time over twitter

    Created by egze, stany, kaeppler

  • 30_medium


    Find the best sales and deals online. Users can vote great sales or deals up or they can vote bad ones down. As a member you can save sales you want to check on later, join in sale discussions, and much more!

    Created by brendanlim, skyfallsin, adambair, PaulOstazeski

  • 31_medium


    Tiptorial.net is a place for you to easily share computer tips and walk-throughs with others. It helps you organize instructions into a step-by-step process, adding screenshots along the way. You can also use tiptorial as a library for keeping tr...

    Created by zef