Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 47_medium


    Where is this place? Get a picture and try to guess the place!

    Created by pellegrino, RamonPage, tapajos, viniciusteles

  • 55_medium


    Ever needed to share a PDF with some friends? Upload it to TinyDoc and you'll get an easy to share short url where they can browse the PDF on any device that has a modern-ish web browser.

    Created by johnyerhot,

  • 56_medium


    Beer is good. People like to celebrate with beer. People like to buy buddies beer. What if buying your friend a beer were as easy as clicking a button on the bar's website, facebook, twitter, etc?

    Created by amerine, jsullivan, timo3377, timmyc

  • 57_medium


    Workrz lets you manage & connect to all of your casual employees in one super easy-to-use place.

    Created by ADO, stackhousehouse, tombryan, batau

  • 44_medium


    Welcome to Jamibia! Do you play? Jamibia is a place where you can show yourself, meet other musicians and jam along with them. Jamibia is a social network centered around jam sessions. Musicians can register and ad jams, so their followers can see ...

    Created by oriolgual, txus, , josepjaume

  • 53_medium


    BlopBlop lets you create polls to compare stuff : images, files, links, youtube videos, places on maps, dates, source code, texts, ... No signup required. Share with Facebook, Twitter or by email!

    Created by aurels, verlinden, fstephany

  • 52_medium

    Endless Poem

    Poem creation is fun. Anonymous collaborative poem creation is much more fun. And this is exactly what this service does. No registration is needed to participate: everybody is welcomed to create poem lines and suggest new variants (thus starting ne...

    Created by alexandrz, arsenische, ,

  • 46_medium

    White Board HQ

    WhiteboardHQ will be your headquarters to manage your personal, business and event to-do lists while managing your project priorities. With an easy to use interface you will be able to create custom views to quickly keep track of where your many proje...

    Created by rayonrails, ,

  • 51_medium


    Clients and customers love feedback. And even with all the tools we use to keep in touch with them like Basecamp or Agilezen, they still email us to ask, "What's the status of those projects again?" In moments like that, they don't need the nitty gr...

    Created by jonathanpenn, joefiorini, joshwalsh,

  • 59_medium


    Photry makes it easy to organize, share, and backup your photos in the cloud.

    Created by tanelsuurhans, martinkivi, natte