Rails Rumble is an annual 48-hour web developer challenge. This site is a showcase of some of the many applications that were developed during contests past and present. Only the apps that are still online are listed.

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  • 66_medium


    Making men happy by making their women happy...one seemingly thoughtful gesture at a time.

    Created by studguru, bigseaadam, , joesteele

  • 70_medium


    No more searching through the iBooks, Nook, and Kindle stores just to find the book you want at the price you want. Find your digital book with a single search.

    Created by adrianpike, nathancarnes, amiel,

  • 75_medium

    Rails Wizard

    Rails Wizard is a web-based wizard to walk you through the first steps of creating a Rails application. The first hours of a Rails project can be frustrating: you feel as though you've done all of this before in a slightly different context. Rails Wiza...

    Created by mbleigh

  • 80_medium

    Social Lifting

    For the Beginner As a beginner to the world of weightlifting, I found it somewhat difficult to just "jump right in" and start lifting. I wasn't sure which exercises to do, how many reps and sets to do, or even when I should be going to the gym. This...

    Created by synewaves

  • 82_medium


    ...because love can't wait. An instant blind dating service for people in the Boston area.

    Created by jasonm, mike-burns, ubuwaits, elindsay

  • 60_medium

    Language Exchange

    Foreign Language Exchange Your friends would like to help you practice that new language you've started to learn, but they don't know what words you know. NextLang solves this by integrating flash card reviewing with one-on-one online chat. The c...

    Created by pwnall, uShadow, hypermunkee, yayalice

  • 39_medium


    1. Loan something to a friend 2. Go to loanit.to and enter: a. What you loaned b. To whom you loaned it c. Choose a frequency to be reminded 3. Submit the information 4. Go back to the site (or txt, email, tweet) when the item is returned ...

    Created by faithfulgeek, andrewkavanaugh, jonathanpenn, joshwalsh

  • 17_medium


    Twitabrew is a tool to help you remember your favorite brews. When you're out on the town, and you come across a tasty brew, tweet something like New Castle Brown Ale 4* #twitabrew from your Twitter-enabled phone. About every 5 minutes, we're gon...

    Created by shayfrendt, moklett, BJClark, ljames

  • 38_medium

    Daily Stamp

    Name something you want to accomplish daily. The more days you accomplish the task in a row the more points you earn. Compare your score with others for some fun competition!

    Created by ryanb

  • 20_medium


    Stomachly is a restaurant rating site with a single metric, how badly must you use the restroom after eating. The site seeks to help those who worry about dining out by allowing them to easily find an establishment that is friendly to their digestiv...

    Created by zadams, aaron678, jaswope